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Mens Clothing Alterations

From our Stockport premises we can work on alterations to all types of garments for men, as well as carrying out intricate repairs and replenishing of tired looking items. Careful attention is applied to all that we do, including re-styles and re-fashioning to give a superb look and fit. Before we commence work, we will assess your project and provide you with a fixed price. We can work on the smallest items from shirts and trousers through to full suits and coats/jackets. With careful attention by a qualified and skilled team, everything can be made to look as good as new and given a new lease of life.

All garments guaranteed care and attention

Whatever the item of clothing that we are working on; we will be committed to producing the most professional finish possible.

Your measurements will be taken and checked and the description of what you need doing noted and discussed.  If fittings are needed midway through his project, then we will arrange this as it is crucial to us that you receive the best possible result and a superb fit.

We can make items of clothing larger or smaller and carry out repairs and alterations as required, even if they are manufactured from heavy fabrics.  Each and every garment will be worked on precisely and accurately to give the best possible result without any detraction from the finish or quality of the original garment.


Bring your cherished clothes back to life

It’s sometimes very difficult to throw away favourite outfits, just because they are no longer in fashion or do not fit as well as they should.

We can asset with tailoring and modifying items so that they are given a new lease of life.  Give your clothes a fresh start for the season by having them repaired and replenished.  Those favourite designer jeans that you love so much can be attended to by us so that they look as good as new and up to date.

If you have business suits that need attention and a more current look, let us work our magic.  Jackets, waistcoats and trousers can be adjusted so that they fit more accurately.  The length can be adjusted and everything re-fitted so that the final result looks pristine.  Even more elaborate suits for weddings and special occasions can be refreshed.


Nothing is too difficult for us.

Even materials like leather, suede or wool can have the necessary repairs and alterations made so that they look as good as new.

Because we carry out all work very carefully and precisely, the end result will be skilfully presented and look immaculate.

Get in touch now to get your favourite clothes re-designed, repaired  and replenished.



Alterations, Repairs and Re-styling

We get it right first time!

So if you are based in Stockport and looking for clothing repairs and alterations, why choose us?  Not only are we highly skilled but our team are used to providing a service that is second to none.  Once you pick up your finished items, you will be delighted to see that everting matches superbly, so much so that it is hard to distinguish where alterations or repairs have been made.