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Ladies Clothing Alterations

If you are a lady living in Stockport and looking for a company to carry out alterations and repairs, then we are here and ready to help.

We work with all types of ladies and girls’ clothing, including the more elaborate dresses.  You can come to us for help whether you need just one item amended or several.  Nothing is too complex or too large a project.  With premises centrally located in Stockport, we can assist with a multitude of ladies re-styles, repairs and alterations.

Get the size right for you

Our team are superbly equipped when it comes to customer service skills and can help with the re-modelling of garments made from a host of varied types of fabrics and cloths.

Heavy items such as leather and suede as well as ornate silk and organza can be re-constructed and made to fit you superbly.  If your clothes are too big or feeling a little tight, we can carry out the essential work needed to make your clothes look and fit like a dream.  Even the best clothes in the world look shoddy if they hang badly or the fit is not quite right, so let us do the re-sizing for you.  Your expensive items can be made to look fantastic again and you can get your outfits ready to wear plus save time and money at the same time.

Any item can be re-styled or repaired

We can make changes to any item of clothing and they can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

We know only too well that your clothes will look outstandingly improved when they hang well and fit as they should. Come to us if you have a couple of items that need attention or even a whole wardrobe; nothing is too much trouble for our skilled and competent team.

We begin every project by taking your measurements and carefully checking what you need to be done. It is also recommended that you try on the garment so that we can see where alterations need to be made.  We can reduce width or let out to give more room.  If your dresses or skirts are too full to suit your taste, then we can reduce the amount of fabric to give a sleeker look.

Re-designed to suit the current fashion

If we are talking trousers then leg shapes can be re-designed to suit the current fashion or simply your preferred look.

Coats, jackets and suits also fall under our remit.  Whether they are heavy items or lighter fabrics we can deal with all of them.  If you have damage to items that you cannot bear to dispose of, we can carry out invisible mending so that they will look as good as new.

Contact us now to get your wardrobe items rejuvenated at the right price.


Alterations, Repairs and Re-styling

We get it right first time!

So if you are based in Stockport and looking for clothing repairs and alterations, why choose us?  Not only are we highly skilled but our team are used to providing a service that is second to none.  Once you pick up your finished items, you will be delighted to see that everting matches superbly, so much so that it is hard to distinguish where alterations or repairs have been made.